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The Association for Services to Torture and Trauma Survivors (ASeTTS) provides holistic services for refugee survivors of torture and trauma to rebuild their lives. Find out more below.

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We work alongside referring agencies to provide holistic services that assist refugee survivors. To refer a client to us, please fill in and return our form. Click the link below.

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Supporting Survivors of Torture and Trauma Since 1992

ASeTTS has a proud history of serving humanitarian entrants and refugees settling in WA since 1992. ASeTTS provides services to people who are humanitarian entrants or are from a refugee type background and who have experienced torture or trauma in their country of origin, during their flight to Australia, or while in detention.

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What We Do

Our aim is to empower the people we serve to address their psychological difficulties in a safe therapeutic space, where they can begin to rebuild their confidence, reconnect with their strengths and feel more confident in navigating the challenges of building a new life in Australia.

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