Youth Support Services

ASeTTS recognises that young people are affected by trauma too and can benefit from respectful and professional support. Although young people are often courageous and resilient, their experiences as refugees or during resettlement can make them vulnerable and in need of additional care.

ASeTTS Youth Services reach out to young people aged 12-21 from refugee backgrounds to overcome personal and social barriers, address challenges arising from exposure to torture and trauma, and increase their social and economic participation in society. ASeTTS provides counselling, advocacy, and mentoring for young people.

Working with young people, ASeTTS Youth Program also supports young survivors and their families to strengthen family relationships, reconcile family differences, develop skills and behaviours that promote safety, develop the independence of young people and more.

The program operates in a culturally and youth appropriate specific manner, that values young people as individuals. This approach is tested and adapted through consultation processes with young people from new and emerging communities and multicultural experts.

The service retains a high level of flexibility, with a focus on strength based and solution focused approach, and outreach services. We will work with young people at home, at school or in other locations where they feel safe or have a sense of belonging.

We employ specialist youth workers, social workers and child and adolescent counsellors to work with young people. Our youth specialist staff also work closely with others that are important to children such as parents, schools and youth services.

Additionally, youth services organise and facilitate group school holiday programs using the evidence based Circle of Courage approach.

ASeTTS is funded by the Department of Social Services (Cth), Department of Health and Ageing (Cth) and the Mental Health Commission (WA) to deliver youth services.

For further information please contact ASeTTS on (08) 9227 2700 or email here.

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