Lotterywest Project Update

09 December 2021


We recently completed Phase 1 of our Lotterywest project which is focused on developing trauma-informed, age-appropriate and culturally sensitive services for children from refugee-like backgrounds who are under 12-years-old.

his phase included detailed literature review exploring various models of support and therapy that are effective in support trauma impacted children. It also included detailed consultation with various stakeholders to improve understanding of the needs of children from refugee-like backgrounds, the services that are currently available to children and families, and identify opportunities to meet currently unmet needs. This work culminated in the development of a comprehensive research paper.

The paper highlights short-term service opportunities that ASeTTS can will pursue in the next 9 months as part of Phase 2 of the Lotterywest project and longer term goals. This is an important piece of work that identified various opportunities develop, grow and improve services to children from refugee-like backgrounds into the future.  

We are grateful to Lotterywest for their support and funding, which has enabled this body of work. We would not have been able to undertake this research without their generous support.

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