ASeTTS Cricket Club

20 August 2019


During the summer of 2014-2015 ASeTTS clients participated in the “Last Man Stands T20 cricket tournament” .

The goal of this specific project was to improve the mental health and wellbeing of young male asylum seekers who were uncertain about their asylum claims.

The team was led by one of its members, and ASeTTS connected them with the tournament as ASeTTS Cricket Club. The team won the league championship and was upgraded to the highest division for the second season, at which the team finished in 6th place.

Some of the participants explained how the club changed their lives with comments such as improving patience; getting along with others; made new friends. The participants showed reduced distrust and improved connections with people who are outside of their personal lives.

Sporting activities can be a useful tool to improve wellbeing and create cross cultural connections. ASeTTS support of the team ensured sustainability by empowering the players to manage the team themselves, which they continue to do.

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