ASeTTS stands in solidarity with the Afghan community

19 August 2021


The ASeTTS’ community is deeply concerned by the situation in Afghanistan which has seen the collapse of the Afghan Government and the Taliban’s return to power following the withdrawal of coalition forces in the region.

We are distressed by scenes of Afghan people fleeing their homes in fear of renewed Taliban rule, and recognise the distress and pain that is being experienced by the people of Afghanistan; both overseas and in Australia.

We acknowledge the fears that members of the Afghan community living in Australia hold for their family, friends and loved one who remain in Afghanistan; and many carry uncertainties about their own protection status.

The ASeTTS community understands that the current situation is having a significant impact on the mental health and wellbeing of individuals, families and communities. Many Afghan people are seeking support to manage the uncertainties they experience, and work through reminders of their own past traumatic experiences.

ASeTTS staff are currently working with our colleagues and partners across various sectors to ensure Afghan people in Western Australia have access to the supports and services that they require. We continue to provide counselling and community support services to people who have been affected by torture and trauma, and will be implementing additional group supports to assist the Afghan community.

Members of the Afghan community who are seeking support are encouraged to contact ASeTTS on (08) 9227 2700 to discuss their needs.

We stand in solidarity with the Afghan community at endorse calls to the Australian Government to intensify its efforts to support the people of Afghanistan.

Refugee Council of Australia (RCoA) joint letter

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