Settlement Engagement and Transition Support (SETS)

10 April 2019


Contributing to Restoring Value and Dignity

The SETS program welcomes new arrivals to Perth and introduces them to service providers to help them in their settlement.

Saw (not his actual name), a young man from the Karen community heard about ASeTTS settlement program while in a refugee camp and wanted to complete the program as soon as possible, so that he could gain all the information to offer support to his family during settlement in Perth.

Saw participated, completing all ten modules and was a proud recipient of his certificate of participation, received at the graduation ceremony at Kings Park.

Saw then asked to be trained as a Bi-cultural worker with ASeTTS to support delivery of this program. He registered himself, actively partaking in the training and was open to learning.

On graduating as a Bi-cultural worker, Saw organised with a colleague to conduct a Karen speaking settlement program. Saw’s first group had 14 participants. Saw then, on his own, successfully and confidently facilitated further settlement programs for the Karen community.

Saw has become a successful leader within the Karen community in Perth through his resilience, dedication and engaging personality. He now has a passport and Visa and is able to travel back to Thailand to visit family and friends.

Ta Blut Doe Mah! (Thank you very much!)

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